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Hacking Jacket

What is a Hacking Jacket? 

A jacket with flap pockets placed at an angle, originally designed for easy access while horse riding with a strong silhouette, single vent and pronounced shoulders.

Hacking Jackets got their name from the word Hack, meaning a rented horse, informal riding for pleasure, a horse for hire, a horse for riding or pulling a carriage.
A gentleman might well have taken a leisurely hack across his land to check that all was is in good order, for this he needed a jacket that was hard-wearing, allowed freedom of movement, easy access to his pockets ( when on a horse slant pockets sit straight ), protection from the weather, trees and bushes etc and he would still look good after his ride.

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The hacking jacket is a very fitted version of a sports jacket, with a more pronounced skirt.
The cut of a hacking jacket can be very flattering on slender gents with its slant pockets, high waist, pronounced shoulders and high buttoned chest.

Although still widely used by the riding community, hacking jackets are also popular with fashion conscious men as they are very stylish and look superb when worn.

The tweed hacking jacket can be worn for many occasions, they have an elegant timeless appeal and when worn look very smart, like a fitted and well tailored jacket.

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