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Cocktail Party - What do Men Wear?

What is correct cocktail party wear for men?

It can be very confusing knowing the correct etiquette for mens cocktail party wear, read our tips for choosing the correct outfit.
Cocktail parties are a good chance to mingle with acquaintances, see old friends and make and new ones. Looking smart and stylish is the key, make sure that you know what is expected attire before you arrive.
If you are not sure what party clothes to wear, read our guide to cocktail wear for men.

What should men wear to a cocktail party?

Well firstly, what type of invitation did you receive for the cocktail party?
Did you get an email, phone call or a was it sent by post?
If you received an email or telephone invite, chances are you are invited to dress casual for the event.
If you were formal invited by post, or it’s for a charity or a certain association, then it is probable that formal cocktail party clothes are required.
It is important for gentlemen to dress in appropriate attire so as not to look an outsider and feel uncomfortable in what you have decided to wear.

Another thing to consider is are you invited to an afternoon or evening cocktail party?
If it’s an evening event, you should wear formal attire unless specified on the invitation.
Cocktail attire for men in the afternoon should be smart casual, a smart jacket or blazer and trousers with shirt and tie if desired works well.
For men attending evening cocktail parties, a suit is correct. A smart business / casual look is appropriate.
Do remember, for any cocktail invite check the wording of the invite to be sure.
They may state “black-tie optional” and “semiformal” so do check the dress code in order to have a good clear understanding.

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