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You Can Tell a Gentleman by His Shoes

Posted by Tweedmans on 1st Mar 2016

Put your best foot forward.

My granny always said the first thing you should look at when meeting a man is his shoes. You can tell a great deal about a gentleman by what he chooses to wear on his feet.
A well dressed foot speaks volumes about how you take care of yourself and how you take care of the things you care about. Whilst a shoddy shoe may give the impression you are not too fussy about taking caring of yourself or others.
A good sturdy and stylish pair of shoes can make a great first impression, whether that be professionally or personally.
At Tweedmans we offer a superb selection of gently used men's vintage and modern designer shoes at affordable prices.

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We have just added an amazing selection of superb men's secondhand Tom Ford shoes for sale, some of which originally retailed at around £1400!

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